By Kaylyn Brown
Author's note: I live in the city and have been experiencing firsthand the national guard on my block, my husband staying out all night to protect businesses from looting and participating in
By Jazzy Johnson
I want to share a prayer and a plea to my sisters and brothers in multiethnic ministry: Remember our black and brown students. Be
By Steve Tamayo

Throughout InterVarsity's history, conferences have been one of our most effective ways of exploring the intersection between race, ethnicity and the Christian faith. Don't waste them.

By Joe Ho

What is ethnic identity? Let’s break it down.In the Bible, the words traditionally translated nation (Heb goyim and Gk ethnos) refer to a community with a common ancestry and

By Steve Tamayo

Ask around and I’ll bet you’ll find 144 different reasons to value ethnic specific ministry. You’ll hear lots of those reasons right here on this blog. But ethnic specific ministry also makes some of