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By Megan Krischke

It is so nice to meet you. !  I wanted to give you this gift [pound of coffee] as a thank you for making the time to talk with me. I wanted to connect with you to find about more about what is going on in the center and with Native students on campus and also share with you the vision of my organization, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, and find out if there are ways we might be able to support what you are doing on campus.  

Potential questions:

  • Where do you see Native students succeed most on campus? (What contributes to that success)
  • Where do you experience Native students facing the most challenges as students? (What contributes to those challenges? What do you think they need to overcome those challenges)
  • What attracted you to this job?
  • What have been some of your highlights? Struggles?

InterVarsity is a national campus Christian ministry and we have about __(number )_____ of students involved here. One of our core beliefs is that every ethnicity and culture is made in the image of the Creator, so every culture helps to reveal who the Creator is more clearly. Our desire is to create opportunities for Native students to explore the person and hope of Jesus while honoring students’ ethnicity, families, and traditions. We also truly miss out on a piece of who God is without Native students involved. I’ve noticed that although many ethnic groups from the campus are present in our chapter, we do not have many Native students involved and I’d love your advice on how InterVarsity could be more welcoming to Native students on campus and to serve the Native campus community.

[Allow their response--be gracious and receptive. DO NOT interrupt--in majority culture it is ok for people to talk over each other, especially when they are expanding on each other’s ideas--this behavior will be perceived as very rude by a Native person and could cause them to stop talking with you.]  

I’ve brought a poster (and some stickers) for our national Native student conference called Would Jesus Eat Frybread? The conference brings over 100 students from all over the nation to ask questions like “Can I be Native and Christian?” “What would it look like to follow Jesus while honoring my culture and traditions?”  We have elders who will speak to us, a cultural sharing night and traditional foods feast.  This year the conference will be hosted in Anchorage, AK.  Would it be ok to hang a couple posters here in the center?  Do you know anyone who might be interested in a conference like this?



Are their things coming up on your calendar that we can help you with? Marketing? Food? Clean up?

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