Andy Kim

Multiethnic Resource Coordinator

Andy Kim works with InterVarsity’s Multiethnic Ministries, developing resources to help students, staff, and alumni reach people of every ethnicity and culture. He previously served at Northwestern University and on the Urbana 12 worship team. He currently lives in Champaign, IL, with his wife, Madeline, and blogs irregularly at

Content by Andy Kim

By Andy Kim

Every third Monday of January is Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, an opportunity for our nation to remember and reflect upon the life and legacy of one of the greatest civil rights champions and

By Andy Kim

In multiethnic ministry, conflict is inevitable. Misunderstanding is inevitable. Hurt and pain are inevitable. You will inevitably offend someone as well as be offended yourself. The question is NOT

By Andy Kim

Multiethnic Ministry is not easy.Cultural misunderstandings, miscommunications and prejudice abound. We are broken, selfish, sinful people. There are so many temptations and pitfalls