Ethnic Specific Ministry

By Linson Daniel
I’ve heard many of my peers talk about the relevance and effectiveness of the ethnic specific ministries: Should ethnic specific ministries exist? Is it a broken model of ministry? 
By Joe Ho

“Hide the Asians!” That was a suggestion from a Chinese American student leader as our InterVarsity fellowship prepared for freshman outreach. For the past couple years, our student leadership core

By Steve Tamayo

Ask around and I’ll bet you’ll find 144 different reasons to value ethnic specific ministry. You’ll hear lots of those reasons right here on this blog. But ethnic specific ministry also makes some of

If you've ever tried to grow your ministry in diversity, you've undoubtedly encountered these questions: How do faith and ethnicity intersect? Is ethnicity a biblically-valid part of our Christian

By Megan Murdock Krischke
Is your ministry hoping to reach new communities and populations? Are you praying for opportunities to make strategic Kingdom impact? God is doing some amazing things in and through
By Orlando Crespo
When we think of multiethnic ministry, there is a common perspective that there is just no place for ethnic specific ministry because it leads to tribalism and divides Christians. But as the Director
By James Choung

We are often asked why we have "ethnic specific" fellowships. The questions are often rooted in the belief that focusing intentionally on an ethnic group or groups is unbiblical