By Joe Ho

“Hide the Asians!” That was a suggestion from a Chinese American student leader as our InterVarsity fellowship prepared for freshman outreach. For the past couple years, our student leadership core

By Megan Murdock Krischke

Have you ever felt hesitant to claim your Native roots? In your family stories, are there hints or mentions of a Native family member? Do you, like me, know clearly your tribal connections—you

If you've ever tried to grow your ministry in diversity, you've undoubtedly encountered these questions: How do faith and ethnicity intersect? Is ethnicity a biblically-valid part of our Christian

By Dan Huang
Well... not really. It is not in the dictionary (or not in any normal one). But it is a term we use in InterVarsity. Are we just in the habit of making up our own words? Are we just hoping that if we