Multiethnic Ministry

By Megan Murdock Krischke

Increasingly, InterVarsity students and staff are becoming aware of the Native people on their campuses and in their communities.  I hope this story, and the ideas that follow, will give you concrete steps you can take to build relationships of respect, honor and trust with Native people. 

By Linson Daniel
I’ve heard many of my peers talk about the relevance and effectiveness of the ethnic specific ministries: Should ethnic specific ministries exist? Is it a broken model of ministry? 
By Derek Wu
I’ve spent a large part of my life wondering if I belong. Feeling Like An Imposter From my beginnings as a young Taiwanese-boy-violinist, through Conservatory and high school, through my undergrad
By Joe Ho

“Hide the Asians!” That was a suggestion from a Chinese American student leader as our InterVarsity fellowship prepared for freshman outreach. For the past couple years, our student leadership core

By Al Hsu

InterVarsity Press Editor Al Hsu shares reflections, practical tips and, of course, book recommendations for multiethnic ministry out of 1 Corinthians 12.