How to Help Churched Students Move Forward in Reconciliation

By A Free #MESC15 Webinar

Why do churched students sometimes have the hardest time "getting" reconciliation? If we want to disciple students (and others) into Biblical reconciliation, we need to have some awareness of their theological starting points.

In this 60 minute webinar, national director of Asian American Ministries Joe Ho will discuss strengths and gaps that occur in various traditions, and how this understanding might inform our teaching of reconciliation.

This free webinar is brought to you by InterVarsity's Multiethnic Staff Conference 2015 (#MESC15)a triennial gathering taking place this week where nearly 300 InterVarsity staff are gathered in Orlando, FL to focus on how as a national movement we can grow in our commitment and effectiveness in multiethnic ministry.

“Reconciliation Theology in Practice: Helping your students, staff and churches move forward in Reconciliation”


Featured Presenter: Joe Ho

Joe Ho is National Director of InterVarsity's Asian American Ministries (AAM), having worked in campus ministry for 20 years. Growing up in a Chinese immigrant church in Cincinnati, he became a Reds fan, a Bengals fan, and a Christian, not necessarily in that order. He holds an M.A. from Reformed Theological Seminary with a thesis on the ethnic dimensions of Paul’s phrase “works of the law.” Joe and his wife Traci currently live in Austin, TX with their three children and two cats.

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