WJEF 2017 Promotion Pack

By Tim Webster

This Pack contains various promotional items for WJEF 2017.  Don't forget to add your personal contact information to the poster.  

WJEF17 8.5 x11 poster 8-24-17.pdf.  Color poster, single sided.  You can use the blank section above the sponsor logos at the bottom to write your personal contact information.  

WJEF17 poster 11x17 8-24-17.pdf.  Color poster, 1-side, 11x17 paper size.  

WJEF17 flyer 2-up 8-24-17.pdf.  WJEF 2017 promotional flyer for 8.5x5.5 flyers.  Print regular paper, color, 2-sided, and cut down the middle.

WJEF17 FB personal insert banner 2550x941 600dpi.jpg.  This graphic is dimensioned to use as a Facebook personal page background banner (your picture in the lower left corner and the Facebook buttons on the lower right will not cover any objects on this graphic).  2550 x 941 pixels.

WJEF17 square theme 720x720 600 dpi.png.  Square logo for social media promotion.