WJEF 2019 Promotion Pack

By Tim Webster

This Pack contains various promotional items for WJEF 2019.  Just click on an item in the orange box below to download.  Don't forget to add your personal contact information!

WJEF19 flyer 2-up, 2-sided, flip on short side, don't shrink to fit, updated 2019-09-04.pdf
.  Print duplex and cut in half.  
WJEF19 flyer, one sided, front and back on same side, updated 2019-09-04.pdf.  Use this if your printer can't print both sides.  

POSTER: WJEF19 poster 11x17 2019-09-09.pdf.  If you need other dimensions, please contact Tim.   

See the new WJEF? proxe station materials.  If you would like to trial run it, please contact Tim.Webster@InterVarsity.org (we've got some money to help).