El Canto de Los Líderes (The Leader's Song)

Composed by worship artist, pastor and Compa (IFES Mexico) alum Joel Sierra, this song was written specifically for Christian leaders facing persecution, corruption and injustice in society. This song calls Christian leaders to not follow the ways of the world, grasping for power and serving as "instruments of hatred and lies." Instead we are called to imitate Christ's humility and service as "contrasting examples of service." We are called to look after those who suffer, to be instruments of God's peace. 

The verses are meant to be bold, strong marches and the chorus slows dramatically down into an intimate prayer. This song is beloved in IFES movements across Latin America and was graciously shared with InterVarsity/USA staff at the 2015 IFES World Assembly in Mexico.

Song Category: 
Joel Sierra
Joel Sierra
Used with permission
Scripture Reference: 
John 3:30, 13:1-7; Ephesians 2:10; Philippians 2:1-11
Leadership, justice, discipleship
First Line: 
Cuando el mundo parece tiranía
Tips for Leaders: 
  • You can find three different arrangements of this song to the right: the original, the Mexican (Compa) version and the Guatemalan (GEU) version. Consider your team and your context and find the one that is the best fit!

Estrofa 1
Cuando el mundo parece tiranía
Aparatos de odio y de mentira
Que los siervos de tu reino se mantengan,
Como ejemplos contrastantes del servicio
Si en el mundo los jefes se agigantan,
Manejando sus deseos de poder
Que tu pueblo sea fiel a tu mensaje,
Pues conquistas lavando nuestros pies

Verse 1  (Translation)
When the worlds is just tyranny
Instruments of hatred and lies
May the servants of your kingdom endure
As contrasting examples of service
If leaders in the world become greater
Controlling their desires for power
May your people be faithful to your message
For you have captured us by washing our feet

Que se escuche tu voz y no la mía
Que los hermanos te adoren solo a ti
Que yo mengue y tu crezcas cada dia
(1ra vez)
Que se postren a tus pies y no hacia mí
Que se postren rendidos a tus pies

Chorus  (Translation)
May your voice be heard instead of mine
May the brethren adore You alone
May I diminish and you grow in me every day
May they kneel down to your feet and not to me
May they kneel down to your feet

Estrofa 2
Que se atienda al que llora y al que sufre
Y se busque al hermano en desamparo
Que busquemos tu rostro cada día
Y seamos instrumentos en tus manos
Que tu palabra en mis labios siempre abunde,
Y abra caminos de paz en mis hermanos,
Para aprender la humildad y mansedumbre
De Jesús el pastor de los humanos.

Verse 2 (Translation)
May we look after those who cry and suffer
May we search for our brothers in need
May we look for your face every day
May we be instruments in your Hands
May your word always abound on my lips,
And open ways of peace among my brothers,
To learn Jesus’ humility and gentleness
Jesus, the shepherd of humanity.

Words and music by Joel Sierra. Used with permission.