Sean M. Watkins

Ministry in Digital Spaces Associate Director

Sean is an InterVarsity alum and currently serves to produce discipleship and evangelistic materials to students through various social media platforms. He is pursuing his Masters of Divinity at Fuller Seminary. Sean is a big comic book and sci-fi fan and enjoys working out, cooking, movies, and practicing Tai Chi. 

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Content by Sean M. Watkins

By Sean M. Watkins

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays—you can’t tell because of my high metabolism. At some point, every Thanksgiving, my mother will announce to the house, “It’s dinner time.” What she has is

By Sean M. Watkins

"Why is that Christianity seems so impotent to deal radically, and therefore effectively, with issues of discrimination and injustice on the basis of race, religion and national origin?" - Howard

By Sean M. Watkins

I will never forget it. My junior year of college was one of the most racially charged time periods in my life, much like what we are experiencing today across the United States.