Steve Tamayo

Special Projects Director for LaFe

Steve Tamayo serves as the Special Projects Director for LaFe, InterVarsity's Latino Fellowship. He’s married to Amy and together they have two sons, Will and Jack. Steve is also the Associate Pastor at Chatham Community Church and blogs regularly at

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By Steve Tamayo

Throughout InterVarsity's history, conferences have been one of our most effective ways of exploring the intersection between race, ethnicity and the Christian faith. Don't waste them.

By Steve Tamayo

Ask around and I’ll bet you’ll find 144 different reasons to value ethnic specific ministry. You’ll hear lots of those reasons right here on this blog. But ethnic specific ministry also makes some of

By Steve Tamayo

How does the Bible shape our views on immigration? For many Christians, the answer sadly is “Hardly at all.” Immigration feels like a political issue. The Bible seems irrelevant in a conversation focused on law and fairness and economics.