By Megan Murdock Krischke
Is your ministry hoping to reach new communities and populations? Are you praying for opportunities to make strategic Kingdom impact? God is doing some amazing things in and through
By Dan Huang
Well... not really. It is not in the dictionary (or not in any normal one). But it is a term we use in InterVarsity. Are we just in the habit of making up our own words? Are we just hoping that if we
By Andy Kim
Old friends. Mom’s home cooking. Your favorite pair of jeans. There’s something undeniably comforting about the familiar. As good and necessary as that feeling of familiarity is, however, it often
By Orlando Crespo
When we think of multiethnic ministry, there is a common perspective that there is just no place for ethnic specific ministry because it leads to tribalism and divides Christians. But as the Director
By Joe Ho
What exactly is multiethnic ministry? Is it getting diversity in a room (or at least on your website photo)? Is it hugging a person of a different race at a
By James Choung

We are often asked why we have "ethnic specific" fellowships. The questions are often rooted in the belief that focusing intentionally on an ethnic group or groups is unbiblical