Avec De Cris de Joi (With Shouts of Joy)

A joyful French praise chorus, based on Psalm 63, sung through the Carribbean, Quebec, France, Fracophone Africa, and the Middle East.

 It was graciuosly shared with InterVarsity/USA staff by staff and student leaders from Martinique at the 2015 IFES World Assembly in Mexico city. Martinique staff Jean Noel Ducteil provided the French pronunciation tutorial located in the right column.

Also, check out different arrangements of this song in the right column from the Baptist Church of La Rochelle (France), Arabic Baptist Church of Christ (Montreal, Quebec), Abidjan Church (Côte d'Ivoire).

Traditional French Song
Traditional French Song
Musical Style: 
Public Domain
Scripture Reference: 
Psalm 63
First Line: 
Avec des cris de joie Ma bouche Te chantera

Avec des cris de joie,           

         F                C
Ma  bouche Te chantera,             
         F                C
J’élèverai mes mains,

         G      C
 Et Te célébrerai.

Refrain (English Translation):
With shouts of joy,
My mouth will sing to you,
I will lift up my hands,
  And praise you.

Verse 1:
Ô Dieu, Tu es mon Dieu (Ô Dieu, Tu es mon Dieu)

Mon âme Te recherche (Mon âme Te recherche)
Et soupire après Toi (Et soupire après Toi)

Sur la terre desséchée. (desséchée)

Verse 1 (English Translation): 
God, You are my God,
My soul searches for you
And longs for you
In this dry land.

Verse 2:
Je connais le bonheur (echo)
A l’ombre de Tes ailes, (echo)            
Car Tu es mon secours, (echo)
 Ta droite me soutient. (me soutient)

Verse 2 (English Translation):
I know happiness
In the shadow of Your wings,
For You are my help,
  Your right hand upholds me.

Verse 3:
J’aime Te contempler (echo)
Quand dans Ton sanctuaire (echo)
Ta gloire resplendit, (echo)
Ta puissance se révèle. (se révèle)

Verse 3 (English Translation): 
I love to think of you
When I’m in Your sanctuary
Your glory shines,
Your power is revealed.