In this Dry Land (하나님께서 당신을 통해)

This is a popular Korean worship song by Korean artist Kim Young Beom (김영범) that is sung in Korean-speaking churches around the world. This song is meant to be sung in community. Often the worship leader may instruct worshippers to join hands, hug one another or look at one another as the song is sung. Think of this song as a corporate prayer: that in a dry land, the love of the Lord would flow from your communities to the poor, thirsty and weak.

Song Category: 
Kim Young Beom (김영범)
Kim Young Beom (김영범)
CCLI #6461951 (Used with permission)
Scripture Reference: 
John 7:38
Service, community
First Line: 
하나님께서 당신을 통해/In this dry land, living water
Tips for Leaders: 
  • This song can be sung in both English and Korean.
  • Encourage your congregation, even if they are not Korean-speakers, to give the Korean a shot (use the phonetic pronuncitaion)

Korean: 하나님께서 당신을 통해
Phonetic: Ha na neem geh suh, dang shin eul tong heh
Singable translation: In this dry land, living water

메마른 땅에 샘물 나게 하시기를
Meh Malun Ttang Eh, Sehm mul nag geh ha shi gee lul
May it flow through you, may His love be known through you

가난한 영혼 목마른 영혼
Ga nan han young hone, mohk mal luhn young hone
To the thirsty, to the poor and weak,

당신을 통해 주사랑 알기 원하네
Dang shin eul tong heh, Joo sarang ahl gee wun ha neh
Well-springs of His love, May they flow through you always

Copyright 2002 by Kim Young Beom. CCLI #6461951. Used with permission.