Reconcile: The Inspiring Story of Native and non-Native Christians Pursuing Reconciliation

What does reconciliation look like?

For First Nations leader Tal James of the Penelakut Tribe, it goes beyond just hearing the Gospel, but seeing it lived out. 

He says,

First nations people have heard the Gospel in the past. And now its time that they see it lived because what they heard and what they saw didn't match up.

In this inspiring, heart-breaking and challenging documentary short, originally produced for Christianity Today's Christian Vision Project, we get to hear the story of native and non-native Christian leaders grapple with a complex and broken history, invite Jesus into the pain and intentionally work for holistic change.

Following the documentary (starting at 11:33), there is some excellent commentary offered by three reconciliaiton practitioners:

  • Rev. Brenda Salter McNeil shares that for many ministries reconcilaition is too often merely a short-lived "flavor of the month." For us to stay with reconciliation for the long haul, she says, there needs to be a "mandate from the heart of God." 

  • Lauren Winner highlights the importance of exploring the knots and uncomfortable aspects of our history. She argues that, as believeers, we must reckon and repent for our corporate history, even if we weren't alive for those periods.

  • Amy Laura Hall describes the importance of developing understanding and empathy when relating to those who are different from us. In a heartful personal story, she shares the transformation that occurs when we try to step in others' shoes.


Reconcile from InterVarsity twentyonehundred on Vimeo.

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Andy Kim works with InterVarsity’s Multiethnic Ministries, developing resources to help students, staff, and alumni reach people of every ethnicity and culture.

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