How to Engage Ferguson on Campus

A guide for InterVarsity staff courtesy of the Southern California Region
By Eddy Ekmekji, Mattie Madrid and Dora Yiu

We wrote this with our colleagues in mind as a resource to equip them to get educated as well as in leading students on campus. What’s happening in Ferguson is a unique window that can catalyze us to engage issues of multi-ethnicty, justice, and systemic challenges

The voices of Black staff and students are not in the room with us to help us engage some of these issues. Our personal challenge is the recognition that when there is no community or fellowship, we will inevitably lose the opportunity to have each other’s stories shape our stories and ministries.

All three of us recognize that it’s long and that an email or a document may be a weaker vehicle by which we engage issues and disciple students and equip staff—however, we do hope that what we have put together can catalyze conversations on staff and area teams as we head back to campus to reach students and seek God for revival.

  • Eddy Ekmekji, Greater LA Area Director for BCM
  • Mattie Madrid, Surf and Turf BCM Coordinator
  • Dora Yiu, San Diego Coast Area Director
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