Diverse Worship Matters Video Series

Expanding our understanding of worship, participating in God's diverse kingdom now.

What do you think of when you think of worship?

How does musical worship contribute to our discipleship, our community and our mission?

This video series from InterVarsity's Multiethnic Ministries and Twentyonehundred Productions challenges us to expand our understanding of worship and participate in God's diverse kingdom now.

Diverse Worship is a powerful and strategic way to mobilize your ministry in the areas of evangelism, discipleship, ethnic identity awareness, cross-cultural servanthood, hospitality, leadership development, vision casting and many other aspects of our campus mission. This resource is designed to unleash the potential of your ministry through the important arena of musical worship. We hope that it can serve you, your ministry and the diverse communities you are reaching with the Gospel!

Videos in This Series

The Diverse Worship Matters series includes three videos and a summary video. Videos 1-3 are intended to be watched in order, but feel free to pick and choose which videos work best for your context.

Video 1: "Appreciating our worship home cooking" – What do you think of when you think of worship? What is "normal" worship? This video invites us into a journey of diverse worship by opening our eyes to our own worship home cooking. 

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Video 2: "Experiencing other worship home cooking" – When was the last time you experienced a different worship culture? This video challenges us to expand our view of God's kingdom by stepping into new worship settings.

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Video 3: "Offering a Diversity of Worship Home Cooking" – What would it look like if our worship was welcoming to those who are different from us? This video encourages us to extend hospitality and invite people from every nation, tribe, and tongue into worship.

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Summary Video: This 4-minute video gives a short overview of the entire series. It is ideal for a concise explanation of diverse worship at a church service, large group, conference or retreat. 

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Video 1 – "Appreciating our worship home cooking"

Video 2 – "Experiencing other worship home cooking"

Video 3 – "Offering a Diversity of Worship Home Cooking"

Summary Video